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We’re thrilled to introduce you to some of the incredible women who have modeled our products, embodying the ethos of No Wasted Motion both on and off the camera. These movers and shakers are not just faces; they’re individuals who align with our ideology of intentionality, style, and making every move count.

Meet the Models:

Loren Dixon (@itsl0ren) – Influencer and model known for her effortless style and positive influence on social media (pictured above).
Joely Live (@joelylive) – Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and creator/host of Pucker Up, captivating audiences with her beauty and charisma.
Rhelin Taryn (@rhelintaryn) – Singer/songwriter whose soulful vibes and captivating presence light up any room.
Zaina Babbas (@zainaabb.ab) – Fitness and lifestyle influencer inspiring others to live their best, healthiest lives.
Holly Marie (@hollymarieee__) – Former hooper turned model, bringing her unique energy and athleticism to the fashion world.
Sam Kang (@ssamkang) – Director, writer, and owner of a lash and accessories business, bringing creativity and passion to everything she does.
Jaiki Rasul (@jaikirasul) – Entrepreneur and creative mind, constantly pushing boundaries and making waves in the industry.

Why They Matter

These women represent the diverse and dynamic spirit of No Wasted Motion. By spotlighting them, we celebrate their individuality and contributions to our brand. They are not just models; they are inspirations—women who move with intentionality and purpose in every aspect of their lives.

Connect with Them

Follow these incredible women on Instagram to see more of their journeys and to witness how they embody the spirit of No Wasted Motion in everything they do.

Stay tuned for more spotlights on the amazing individuals who make up the No Wasted Motion family.

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